1. babies at the casino

  2. Birds eye view closeups of new work in progress for future show later in the year.

  5. head dress series #1 
    location: fern forest

  6. head dress series #1 
    location: fern forest

  7. As I was sorting through old photos I came across these in progress photos. There’s something about in progress photos that show you how difficult a process really is. There is no instant gratification, its really hard work that takes time. And there is also something very humorous about these in particular. Floating cake, and half painted faces begin to recreate a moment very slowly.

  8. preview of new paper head dress

  9. robinbirdd.commmmm

  10. Beautiful Lauren posing for me in #5 of mini blog series. A photo I also took in Hawaii a while ago

  11. #4 from mini blog series… Adrian modeling one of the first ever paper bird jackets I created last year in collaboration with a pretty old photo I took in Manila Philippines. Making connections with time and place

  12. #3 of my mini series … modeled by the homie Ashley!!! => collaborated with a photo i took in Hawaii. Taking things out of context .. two different times, two different moments

  13. more from my mini blog series… Middle Eastern Ostrich dress worn by homegirl kimberly =) with an old photo I took in downtown VTown =)

  14. A mini blog series. Looking at past designs from a different perspective, in a different context. With my lovely girl Tina x a old photo I took in the Philippines

  15. Making paper grass