1. Whooping Bird Dress made of paper

  2. Whooping Bird Dress made of paper

  3. part two of the Whooping Cranes paper environment 

  4. Take a journey into the Whooping Cranes paper habitat 



  6. With one more weekend left of Mythological Bird at Incline Gallery I have to say that I am very pleased to have experienced something that came from… well nothing. I remember myself.. at the end of last year with just a vision. I also remember myself in May of this year gluing and painting like crazy… and NOW the show is up and about to be over. Five paintings sold and many viewers who were able to experience my mythological bird realm …all created from my mind! LOL that’s some crazy shit!

    In the end I’m still hungry to create more worlds to share with this world! =D

    Roll through the gallery today, tomorrow and the weekend fromn 6-9pm at Incline Gallery in San Francisco. 

  7. Last one i swear

  8. More flicks from the russian river

  9. Pink floaties x russian river flicks

  10. Wuruim Valustre phase 2
    Wuruim Valustre phase 3
    Wuruim Valustre phase 1
    Azcinth Artunth
    Azcinth Artunth Off breed


    Paper plants for “Mythological Bird” on display at the Incline Gallery
    two more weeks to go till the last day of September 7th, gallery hours, Thursday, Friday 6pm - 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 1pm - 6pm

  11. If you haven’t seen Mythological Bird at Incline Gallery you still have the chance to stop on by. The show will be up until Sunday September 7th. Here is a sneak preview of the Whooping Crane Bird, one of the tallest birds in North America. 


  13. 1 more week till my show Mythological Bird at Incline Gallery

    Here is a sneak peak of our mythological bird realm from down below!

  14. Sneak peek of a bird paper head peace based off of the Honey Creeper bird for “Mythological Bird” AUG 7. Made from recycled paper, stolen paper, found fabric and acrylic paint